Unmetered DIDs, Toll-free and metered numbers in 60+ countries, outbound calls, SMS, and more

Local DIDs from 1$ - No setup fees, 2 channels included

Free forwarding to SIP, IAX, H323, PBX, SMS, VoiceXML and more.

Latest News

  • PAYPAL payments are discontinued!
    We have stopped support for PayPal. Make sure that you switch to Bitcoin as the primary payment method. Just subscribe to services like coinbase.com or kraken.com, exchange your currency for bitcoins and save 30%!
    All our DIDs support bidirectional SMS originating in Denmark, Finland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Chile, and Canada to 50+ countries in the world. Incoming SMS messages are free!
    Select from dedicated, flexible or FREE metered!
    Organize your own cloud PBX phone system. Sign up and add up to 3 extensions FREE!
    We support non standard SIP ports that will allow you to connect your mobile SIP phone on almost any network bypassing restrictions of some cell providers on port 5060!
    Order your phone number and forward voice calls to your SIP/PBX or similar accounts for FREE. All calls are unmetered!
    Make and receive calls from anywhere. Just connect your phone adapter, computer or cell phone to our gateway and enjoy. We support callerId and our rates are really low. We also support non standard ports.
    Record your voice menu, and forward incoming calls to other phones. To enable it, buy a phone number and select Auto Attendant as your forward type.

  • Flexible IVR with VoiceXML
    Do not like what we offer for IVR out of the box, no problem, upload your own voice xml IVR dialogs via our REST API or contact us and we may be able to provide you with a solution.
  • DID APIs for developers
    LIVE: Restful APIs to manage DIDs include detailed description in the swagger format and ability to auto generate client code.
  • Dedicated Hosted PBX 15$ a month LIVE
    Choice of 6+ data centers in USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Singapore. Your FREEPBX comes with unlimited extensions, conferences, ring groups, live dashboard and more. Try it now!
    US and most EU: from 1$, Canada: 1.50$, Australia: $2.25, Brazil: $2.5, Ukraine: from 2$, Russia: from 4.50$ and more...
  • TOLL FREE Numbers in US, Canada, UK, Italy, Norway, India, South and Latin America and Middle East and more!
    We now offer Toll free numbers with a low per minute incoming rate of 3c per minute in US and Canada and other countries, and with UNLIMITED channels. Just select the country and look for Toll Free in the city dropdown to order. Prices start from 1$ a month. Also, note that unlike Toll Free DIDs, Local DIDs have NO per minute rate.
  • PAYPAL Simplified Payments
    NO LONGER do you need to login to PayPal every time you buy or renew products on the site. Just complete the first transaction in PayPal and all future ones will be done on the site ONLY!.
  • DID Auto Renewals LIVE!
    Automatic recurring payments from balance for DIDs!
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